New Year, New Trends

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner.  For many, that means getting all glammed up.  Typically, I am a casual kind of gal, but Summer likes to dress things up a bit.  Graphic tees, sneaks, and denim are some of my typical go-to staples.  Although Summer luvs a good graphic tee and sneaks too, she sometimes likes to add a little spunk to her style.  But hey, New Year’s Eve calls for a little festive touch even for this almost 50 year old momma – so sequins and pearls it is!   Well, sequins and pearls it would be if I had big plans.  In all honesty, I hope to grab a bite of something yummy to eat with the hubs, and then come home and enjoy a Netflix binge.  A perfect night in my book!  But the point is, whether you are 15 or almost 50, you can follow the trends in fashion!  Both of these outfits would be perfect for a night out and a toast to the new year.  Will you be an “Autumn” or a “Summer” this New Year’s Eve?

Autumn luvs…

New Years Eve
Summer luvs…


autumn signature

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