Fills, Spills, And Thrills

Spring is just around the corner, so my thoughts are turning to warmer days. That means I get to roll up my sleeves and dig in the dirt!  I don’t always have a green thumb, but that doesn’t keep me from dabbling in the dirt.  My neighbor jokes that I am an impatient gardener.  She is correct.  I only give plants a few months to impress me before I send them packing to the plant cemetery, otherwise know as the trash…  But through trial and error, I have found a fairly fullproof method for creating beautiful container gardens.  So, what’s the secret?  Keep pots interesting by using three types of plants: plants that “fill,” plants that “spill,” and plants that “thrill.”  First, start with a few fill plants.  Choose plants that will add dense texture to the dead space in the pot.  Next, a few spill plants trailing over the sides of the pot will add depth to the planter.  Think of these two types of plants as the “bones” of your container.  Finally, choose a few thrill plants to add height, color, and interest.  Look at these striking examples.

Ferns are always a great fill choice; they never disappoint with their dense green hue.



Vinca vine or ivy works well as a spill plant.  I luv a variegated variety.



The pink flowers in this bird bath turned planter are definitely striking.  The pop of fushia adds the thrill factor for a finished, interesting look.



Whatever you do, make sure you choose plants that have similar light and watering needs. If you want something low maintenance, but equally beautiful, use only succulents in your container.  I luv succulents!  They are easily maintained, extremely forgiving, and always intriguing.

Look at this beaut!



Nothing adds curb appeal to a home more than a pretty planter overflowing with flowers and lush greenery greeting visitors on the front porch.  The best part about using this method is that once you establish the bones of your pot, you can simply switch out seasonal plants that thrill you!autumn signature

2 thoughts on “Fills, Spills, And Thrills

  1. Really love your pots they all look so beautiful. Fill, spills and thrills method is such a great piece of advice thanks so much, I’m going to give this a go for my hanging basket comp next season.
    Happy Gardening:)

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