What We’re Wearing


Mom and I are LUVING the California-like weather we are currently expirencing here in Texas. But the cool, crisp mornings and the warm, sunlit afternoons sometimes make outfit planning a bit challenging. As soon as the breezy weather arrives, we both reach for our cut-offs and Birkenstock style shoes! Of course, being the spunky teenager that I am, I tend to go for the more ragged, edgy cut-offs, whereas my mom is drawn to the more conservative, classic pair of shorts. Although ultimately, we give off the same youthful vibe. I am also one to reach for my utility jacket layered with a graphic tee underneath, but mom likes the comfort of a sweatshirt instead. Some of our go to staples are definitely our cheetah print Birkenstock knock-offs, especially during the summertime. I always love to shake things up by adding a little cheetah to an outfit! So, the next time you’re outside enjoying beautiful weather just remember a few of my fashion favorites to keep you looking trendy!summer signature 2

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