A Perfectly “Balanced” Outfit


Many mornings I wake up, throw on some ragged jeans, a long t-shirt, and slide on my comfy New Balance tennis shoes; I have three pairs! One might say I have a minor obsession. But hey, what’s the problem with that?! Although I wear all three pairs of “tennies” quite often, I usually reach for the ones that are olive green (my favorite color). I probably wear them way too often…Regardless, Mom and I especially luv the combination of our fun tennis shoes with our ripped jeans from American Eagle (mine) and Old Navy (Mom’s)! Mom luvs a camo t-shirt with a faux-shearling bomber jacket, but I prefer a neutral colored high-low shirt. This “balanced” outfit is perfect for any age on a beautiful spring day! Let us know how YOU wear YOURS?summer signature 2

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