“New Music Friday”

My best friend Will and I have a TON in common, but one of the things that makes us most similar is our taste in music, especially our crazy obsession with Matt and Kim (OMG)! All throughout high school, we have sent each other new songs to jam to – every time he gets in my car, without hesitation, I hook up his phone to the bluetooth. It has become one of my favorite things about our friendship, and sometimes I just think of an excuse to pick him up, so we can listen to our awesome new finds. This past week Will decided that it was “New Music Friday” (but it was actually Thursday lol), and he shared a couple songs that have already become some of my favorites:

“California” by The Kooks

“And Everything Becomes A Blur” by Hellogoodbye

“The Way You Remember Me” by St. Lucia

I hope y’all dig these picks as much as Will and I do!summer signature 2

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