Scent Of A Woman

Supposedly, every woman needs a signature scent, a subtle fragrance that lingers in the air and silently announces that you have entered a room.  Our sense of smell is powerful; scents conjure up all sorts of sequestered memories.  Just like your shoes expresses your personality, the right fragrance can also showcase your sense of style.  Think of perfume as an accessory.  However, we don’t have just one signature scent, but here are three that have found a permanent home on our luv list.  They are a bit pricey, but oh so worth the splurge!

First on our luv list is Volutes by Diptyque.  This earthy masculine scent that perfectly blends spices, flowers, tobacco, and honey is the one we are currently wearing.



Another favorite is Gypsy Water by Byredo.  Think juniper berries, pine needles, amber, sandalwood, and vanilla.  This smells heavenly!



If you prefer a more floral scent, Tom Ford’s Cafe Rosé.  It mixes roses with woodsy amber and spices.



Perfumes smell differently depending on your body’s chemistry.  So, we have found it is always best to try before your buy.  Get a sample at your local department store or order a sample on Ebay.  Put it on in the morning and give it time to work its magic.  You’ll know by noon if it’s a keeper or not! If you can’t resist the urge to smell your wrist over and over again because it makes you feel euphoric, you have found a winner.  What’s on your signature scent luv list?signature

4 thoughts on “Scent Of A Woman

    1. We did just that; we bought a tester of Gypsy Water on Ebay before we actually bought a full bottle! Also, some stores will give you a tester to take home, so you can try a scent for a few days before you commit to buying it. We LUV the Gypsy Water! Good luck!


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