Teva Fever








photos by Ashley Adair

Well, it is hotter than Hades here in Texas!  And with no sign of relief from the heat anytime soon, we are living in our retro platform Tevas and Levi’s cut-off shorts.  Fashion trends come and go, but these two long-standing brands have been around forever because they continue to keep things fresh.

Walking in these shoes is like walking on clouds.  They are soooooo comfy, and we luv how the extra thick sole gives these old school shoes a more current feel.  Not to mention they go perfectly with our Levi’s!  But hey…Levi’s cut-off shorts go with everything, right?  Well, in our opinion they do!  We each have a favorite go-to pair that are in regular rotation.  Here is a little secret…you can buy old Levi’s at your local thrift store and cut them off yourself to the exact length you desire.  Also, if you prefer a roomier fit, you can buy men’s Levi’s.  For so many reasons, these shorts ideal for all ages!  Regardless of whether you buy old or new, we feel certain a pair of Levi’s cut-offs will become a permanent staple in your wardrobe if you give them a try.

The neighbor’s dog was admiring our Tevas and Levi’s from afar and decided to join in on the fun.  And, we’re not sure why we thought it was a good idea for an 18 year old to give an almost 50 year old a piggy back ride…but thankfully, we all survived.

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