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Last summer I was given the amazing opportunity to serve on work crew at a Young Life camp in Jasper, Georgia called SharpTop Cove. Within our work crew, we were split into five different jobs: servers, pits, ODC, laundry, and tawashies. The servers were the ones that served every meal to ALL of the campers. The pits were basically the dish washers for the month; if anything had food on it, you bet they cleaned it. The ODC (or outdoor crew) did everything from leaf blowing to taking out the trash. The laundry girls did exactly what their name suggests…LAUNDRY. So. Much. Laundry. And last but not least, the tawashies – “they like ta-washie your toilet.”

While I was at SharpTop Cove, I had the privilege of working closely with six other girls as a tawashie. Let me just tell you…we had to deal with some serious crap…literally. We cleaned the toilets, showers, sinks, mirrors, and floors of EVERY. SINGLE. BATHROOM. Even though we had one of the most disgusting jobs at camp, we just laughed about everything and became best friends within the first couple of days.

I knew that I would make many new friends while on work crew (given that we would be there for an entire month), but I had no clue that these friends would immediately become my family – a family that I would miss every single day once work crew was over, and I was without them. So, let me just tell you a little bit about three of the absolute BEST: Caroline, Mindy, and Lauren. Caroline is one of those friends who I just clicked with instantly. She became like an older sister to me. Her infinite wisdom continues to keep me hanging on her every word. Mindy, with her deep southern accent, is one of the sweetest humans ever. I have never met anyone that makes me laugh more than she does. And Lauren, who we refer to as “Chicago,” has such a tender heart and a spunky personality. Plus, she was my bunkmate, and who doesn’t automatically love their bunkmate?!

Lauren, Caroline, Mindy, and I at SharpTop Cove last summer.

These three quickly became my best friends, and it was heartbreaking when we all had to go our separate ways at the end of the month. But, we decided that our friendship was most certainly NOT going to end at SharpTop Cove. Throughout the course of this past year, Caro, Mindz, Lo, and I kept in touch. One day we came to the conclusion that we were going to go stay with Lauren in Chicago sometime during the upcoming summer. Sure enough, through lots of prayer, we ALL made it there.

This past week, I spent quality time catching up with the sweetest of company. Mindy even brought along a girl named Brooke, and we got to add a new member to our circle of friendship! While we were in the city, we did all of the classic touristy things you can think of. We went to Millennium Park, the Bean, Navy Pier, and we even trekked over to Indiana and spent a day at the Indiana Dunes Beach on Lake Michigan. Yes, the trip was SO much fun, but being surrounded by my best friends was a blessing in itself. I am so thankful that God placed these girls in my life a year ago. In just the short amount of time that I have know them, they have helped shape me into the person I have become thus far. It is incredibly hard not being able to see them whenever I want, but the distance between all of us makes the times that we do get to spend together just that much sweeter. Here’s just a peek at our reunion in Chicago!

Thanks for watching! Happy Friday, sweet friends!summer signature 2


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