How Does Your Garden Grow

I’m not Mary, but sometimes I am quite contrary, especially when it comes to gardening. I thought you all might enjoy an update on how my “fills, spills, and thrills” container gardening method is progressing this summer. Even though it is miserably hot here, I am happy to report there have been no fatalities. Well, not in my containers. There have been a few close calls, but Mr. Trashman hasn’t had to cart off any victims this summer – this is a Christmas in July miracle! I water and fertilize regularly, but other than that, I am just letting the plants do their thing. I luv how they add color an interest to my garden. Here is a peek!


I always try to chose plants that I know are heat tolerant and can survive in Texas this time of year.  I would luv to hear how your garden is growing!autumn signature


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