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It’s The Bomb

Yarn bombing…have you heard of it? It is a fun and cheap way to add interest to ordinary objects. Look at what you can do with a few balls of yarn!


Isn’t this fun??  It is really easy too!  We used this tutorial as a guide, but we didn’t use glue, we tied our loose ends off using knots.  These fun little sticks now add a splash of color to several little nooks in our home.

img_2850 (1).jpgIMG_2965IMG_2975

So on these dog days of summer, you can stay cool inside and yarn bomb some sticks, or wait till it gets cooler outside and yarn bomb a tree in your backyard.  Wouldn’t it be sooooo cute to yarn bomb two trees and hang a hammock between them?  Goals.  Now we just need two trees in close proximity to accomplish this task. signature

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