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It has been quite a while since I have posted and much has changed in my life over the past few months, so let me give y’all an update…

Since I left the good ole state of Texas, I have been #doinnashthings and adapting to the major life changes that come along with college, moving to Tennessee, and living with new people here at Belmont University. I can honestly say that I am so HAPPY! Nash is good. Life is good. God is good.

In addition to a new home, I have made so many new friendships that make each and everyday so much better. So let me tell you about a few…Kara, Molly, and Sarah.

First, Kara Marie Strohm, the best roomie around. Thank the Lord for Kara Marie Strohm. Kar and I met through social media in January and within 24 hours, we decided to be roommates. We have been inseparable ever since we arrived at Belmont. She is possibly the funniest/goofiest person I have ever met, yet she is so full of wisdom. I seriously don’t know what I would do without Kara. She makes life exciting and always reminds me of what is truly important.

Molly, or Milky (thanks to autocorrect), and I met for the first time at orientation back in June, and we immediately became friends. Throughout all of orientation, she kept messing with me and making fun of me (in the kindest way), as if we had been friends forever. Over the past couple of months, she has been such a blessing. I am always laughing with/at her and her spunky personality. Kara and I are thankful for our “adopted” roommate and all of the sleepovers we have had in our dorm room!

A few months ago, Sarah messaged me asking to be my roommate. I politely told her that I had already found a roommate, but that I would love to be friends. So a couple weeks into school, as I was walking out of a worship service called “Sanctuary,” I heard someone calling my name and low and behold it was Sarah. She just wanted to say hi…and thank God she did! Since then, Sarah and I have become so close, going to Young Life together, running to Panera Bread late at night, and talking about boys lol! AND she still gives me crap about rejecting her roommate offer!

Along with these forever friends (+ many more), I have had the opportunity to take advantage of so many amazing experiences that are unique to Nashville. In eight short weeks I have been on all kinds of life adventures. I have enjoyed an endless amount of picnics, gorged on FABULOUS food, attended spur of the moment concerts, basically lived in Alex Henderson’s apartment, purchased flowers from a local flower truck, played kickball with my favorite band, Judah and the Lion (yes, that actually happened), explored a craft fair, served at SharpTop Cove for a weekend retreat, joined a new church, ordered late night cookies, discovered thrifting, rummaged through a pumpkin patch, made the daily phone call to my mom, basked in ACTUAL fall weather, and spontaneously driven down the back roads of Music City.

Although there are lots of things to do for fun around here, school remains a top priority, but I love it and all of the opportunities it offers. I am majoring in Design Communications which is essentially graphic design, and this semester I taking a number of art classes; how cool is that?! It is definitely not your typical college freshman course load, but it is actually quite difficult. Art is so subjective, and I am a perfectionist (go figure…), so it is hard for me to get a painting or a sculpture EXACTLY how I want it. Regardless, I am loving my classes, my professors, and my “college schedule.”

I am grateful for each new person, each new adventure, and each new moment life brings my way. Certainly, I am learning more about art through this endeavor, but my college education is teaching me even more about the art of doing life well and living in the moment. Here’s to seizing every second of every day – Carpe Diem y’all!summer signature 2

One thought on “The Nash Life

  1. Carpe Diem you! and remember its 4 years – you don’t have to do it all before Christmas! 🙂 LOL! So happy for you, new adventures and friends, and learning and growing. Its what its all about.


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