Happy Birthday To Us!


A year ago today we started chronicling our lives here on this little blog.  It was a long time dream to start this gig.  And last year, a few days after Christmas, we sat on the couch in our PJs all day and took the leap.  We had done our research, but it was a huge learning curve nonetheless.  We have learned a great deal this first year, and we are thankful to all of you for joining us on this journey.  We hope our words spur your creativity, stir your motivation, and spark your imagination!  We desire to inspire!  Let’s celebrate with this yummy cake recipe.  We made this cake without the icing.  We poured the batter into two 9 inch round cake pans instead of the one large 18 x 13 sheet cake pan.  We still baked them for 20 minutes.  Once they cooled, we used this frosting between the two layers and on top.  Then, we added raspberries and a candle because it is our birthday; after all.  Thanks for helping us celebrate!signature

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