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White For The Win

White bedding is definitely our first choice when it comes to designing a bedroom. If you take a scroll through our Pinterest bedroom board, you will notice a pinning theme. It is a winning choice for a number of reasons.

  • It is easy to maintain. Just throw it in the washing machine with a little bleach and wallah – it is as good as new.
  • It is accessible. White bedding is available in most stores at a variety of price points. So, whether you shop at Target or Neiman Marcus, you are sure to find white options.
  • It goes with everything. If you like a neutral pallet – great! If you like color – perfect! Having a neutral foundation means anything goes, and even better, it means accessories like rugs, pillows, and art can easily be switched when you need a change.

Just take a look at the possibilities when you start with a white backdrop. No headboard needed below. The white bedding allows the art to become the focal point. We luv how peaceful and simple this bedroom feels.


White bedding plays well with ornate headboard options too!


The main reason we gravitate towards white is because of its versatility. It works with all types of decor. Traditional, modern, bohemian, urban, and farmhouse interior design styles all work well with white bedding.


Here is a look at the way we have used white on our beds. We luv adding a pop of color with pillows and throws.


Have a great week, friends!signature

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