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The Power Of Art

Art has the power to transform a house into a home. Take a look. The proof is in the pictures.


Art is personal, so it adds personality to a space. We luv art, all kinds of art. In fact, some might say we are art hoarders. Because our art collection was exceeding our wall space availability, we resorted to creating gallery walls. This method of display has allowed us to continue to feed our art addiction. I am not sure that this obsession is healthy, but we believe our weakness passion has definitely made our home uniquely us and interesting.

We have several gallery walls in our home, and we generally adhere to these rules. We use the word “rules” loosely because we believe the best gallery walls are created organically over time. Most of our gallery walls started with a few pieces and grew gradually over time. So, there really aren’t any hard and fast “rules” to our method, but most of our gallery walls include some combination of the following mediums and subjects.

  • an original oil
  • an original pastel
  • an original acrylic
  • an original watercolor
  • an original photograph – black and white or color
  • a print
  • a poster
  • an original portrait
  • an original floral still life
  • an original landscape
  • a botanical piece
  • a black and white piece
  • an abstract print or original – black and white or color

The first step it to collect any combination of the suggested types of pieces listed above. Try to buy various sizes that are both horizontal and vertical orientations for a more balanced wall. Also, one larger work to anchor the smaller pictures usually works best. We definitely buy prints, but we try to stay away from mass produced generic prints of famous works, abstract prints, and photography.  These are the prints you find at your local stores where there is an entire rack of the exact same piece of art.

Art does not have to be expensive. Where can you find art? We have found beautiful pieces on Etsy, Ebay, Charish, and Minted. We literally type vintage oil landscape or black and white abstract print or original acrylic art in the search window. You will be amazed what you will find. The beauty of these sites is that you can also put a price limit on your search to help limit the options. You can also use your children’s artwork. There is nothing better than homemade art. You can look for pieces when you travel. If we can’t physically find a piece during our travels, sometimes we will come home and google artists from that area, and buy a piece online to commemorate our trip. You can even take your own photographs. Several of our gallery walls have photographs we have taken ourselves. Many of our pieces have sentimental value because they are masterpieces created by family members, or treasures we acquired on family vacations. However, our gallery walls also contains several gems that have no nostalgic significance, they are just pieces that spoke to us. Pieces we luved and had to have. In our opinion, a gallery wall should be a reflection of interesting pieces that capture the flavor of your life.

Now, it is time to frame your artwork. We prefer an eclectic collection of frames on true gallery walls. We do have one wall in our home that is only family photographs from floor to ceiling. We used only black frames there, but with artwork, we believe in choosing frames that best compliment the art. To mat or not to mat? That is the question. Again, we say let the artwork be your guide. Some pieces definitely need a mat, some do not.

Once you have curated your pieces, lay them out on the floor. Start with your larger anchor piece and then just keep adding and moving around the rest of the pieces until you find a design that is pleasing. We usually try to keep the eye bouncing around by strategically placing pieces with similar color schemes, or pieces that are visually heavy opposite one another.

Then, you are ready to commit! You can do this one of two ways. You can take a picture of the layout using your phone, and then you are ready to go to town with your hammer. When we do it this way, we generally start with our anchor piece first. Or, you can use kraft paper, cut out a silhouette of each picture, and tape them to the wall before you actually take the hammer to the wall. This allows you to space the pictures out to your liking, make necessary tweaks, and forego the risk of unwanted nail holes. We have done it both ways, and honestly, both work. We use a mini level once all the pictures are hung to get them all straight and in ship shape.

Whew, so that was lots of information. Here is a look at a few of our gallery walls.


The thrill of the hunt for art always continues for us. We are constantly stockpiling collecting art so we have plenty of choices when we get ready to create a new wall. Buy what you luv because it will make you happy every day. We will spotlight some of our favorite artists sometime, but that is another post for another day! For now, start collecting and discover the power of art! If you have any questions on how to create you own wall, give us a holler.signature

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