The Two Week Tattoo

College is a time for creating memories, becoming independent, and having fun. It is also a time for testing limits and experimenting. Over the past few years, the tattoo trend has become widely popular among college students. I too toyed with the idea of a small tattoo recently, but knew this might not be something my parents would condone…so, when my mom found a new temporary tattoo company, I decided to give it a try. Inkbox offers a fun alternative to a permanent tattoo. It is really easy to apply, and it actually looks real! I was shocked. It was a light grey the first night after I applied it, but within 24 hours, it had the traditional blue/black hue of a real tattoo. The last picture was taken a week or so after I had applied the design – the tattoos tend to be even darker the first few days. You can visit the Inkbox site here to watch the how-to video and check out all of their cool designs. I luv that I can change the design and location on a whim! The best part is that if I tire of it, it will be gone in a few weeks. So, if you too have been toying with getting a tattoo, but you have commitment issues, you might give Inkbox a try!

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