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Hey y’all! Summer here! It is a BIG day…my mom and I are embarking on a new adventure! Today, we are officially launching our very own print shop business, “Prints With Luv”.

IMG_8191-2 2

As many of you know, we are art hoarders. Wall space is running out here at our home front, so we thought we would share the wealth, and help you fill your walls with some of our favorite prints. My mom has been talking about this idea for a while now, so a couple days ago I started carefully curating some of my favorite photographs, illustrations, and flea market finds and made them into prints you can display in your very own home just like these below!


The process is really simple! Here is how it works. Prints With Luv is an online digital print shop. All images are just $10. After purchasing your online digital print, a high-resolution image will be immediately sent to your email. Simply download the file to your computer, then print the image the size you want at the photo center of your choice. Walgreens, Target, Copy Dr., Costco, Kinkos, and Nations Photo Lab offer a variety of print sizes at varying price points. Painting your walls with prints is now as easy as the click of a button! Here is a quick video with more information…


Don’t hesitate to shoot us an email if you have ideas, suggestions, or inquiries. Have fun exploring our new site and happy shopping!summer signature 2

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