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2018 – Toast To Ten

Happy New Year! THANK GOODNESS 2018 is here, and we can start anew! We are returning with our annual Toast To Ten post. If you’ve read our last couple of posts, then you likely better understand why we are not disappointed to see 2017 in our rear view mirror. By the way, thank you so much for all of the luv texts, reassuring Instagram messages, and encouraging comments on our blog. Pressing publish can be a scary situation, but all of the support helped alleviate the apprehension. We hate to wish away days, but we definitely were not heartbroken to kiss the past year goodbye! And to be completely candid, we were less than stellar at checking things off the ole bucket list this past year – well at least one of us was. You can take a look at last year’s list here. Life was messy last year, so here’s to wishin and hopin and prayin this year is full of butterflies and rainbows!


Graphic by Summer Bockart –

So here is goes.

Autumn’s List: (disclaimer: the first six are carryovers from last year)

  1. Take a photography class
  2. Take a yoga class
  3. Make homemade marshmallows
  4. String some lights in our backyard
  5. Give more compliments
  6. Go on a date night here
  7. Update our kitchen
  8. Take a much needed family vacation
  9. Take time to stargaze on morning walks
  10. Eat here while in NYC this summer


Summer’s List:

  1. Go to an art museum that I have never been to before
  2. Drink more water
  3. Go to breakfast in Nashville here
  4. Visit my best friend Alexa in Cali
  5. Design a sweet t-shirt just for fun
  6. Go to the Glossier Showroom in New York this summer
  7. Have a cute little apartment or house in Nashville
  8. Check out this coffee shop when I’m in Ireland (thanks to Alex Henderson!)
  9. Write down three things I am grateful for each day
  10. Do more things that are life-giving

This was certainly the motto for us in 2017 ~


Graphic by Summer Bockart –


Like it or not, we definitely grew this past year. Honestly, most of the time we did not like it, but we are stronger now because of it. Please, please, please 2018 be good to us all, no more of that 2017 garbage. signature

One thought on “2018 – Toast To Ten

  1. Now we’re talking! I am inspired and have a few things I want to do this year also! Lets “pho” soon and talk them through! XOXO


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