Dressing “Younger”

If you are looking for a good binge watch, we highly recommend the new hit show, Younger, staring Sutton Foster and Hillary Duff. In the show, Foster plays a fortysomething, newly divorced mom, Liza, who’s trying to break back into the publishing business. To get even an entry level job, Liza has to pretend to be a twentysomething because no-one will hire her. She finally lands a job working with Duff’s character, Kelsey Peters. If for no other reason, watch the show for fashion tips! Patricia Field, best known for dressing the ladies of Sex and the City, is a style consultant for the show.

(all photos are from our Pinterest)

Here are three ways you can dress Younger. 

1.  It is all about the shoes! Shoes make or break an outfit. Shoes are the quickest way to make an outfit have a more youthful look and feel. Shoes make outfits memorable or forgettable. The right shoes make an outfit fun and interesting. The wrong shoes can make it boring and frumpy.


2.  Add a layer! Outfits are more interesting if you add layers. Add a jacket, add a flannel shirt, or add a kimono. Layering doesn’t have to mean bulk. Remember to layer from thin to thick. Choose a lightweight fabric for your bottom layer. And don’t forget to consider proportions. For example, tailored and flowy pieces play nicely together. When wearing looser styles on top, go for a slimline bottom. Longer tops work best with skinny bottoms and mid-length or shorter tops work better with wide leg bottoms. T-shirts and dresses are great for creating a base layer to any outfit as they are light materials.


3.  Mix and match. Putting some thought into color combinations, patterns, textures, and styles can add variety and individuality to your look. You can combine florals with camo, leather with silk, trendy with timeless, or denim with ANYTHING! Just make sure to mix prints of different scales, remember textured fabrics like leather and tweed count as patterns, and stripes and leopard count as neutrals. Bear in mind, some of the best combinations are happy accidents.


The lesson here is to have fun with your wardrobe. Wear things that look good on you and that make you feel good about yourself. And remember, just because it is the trend of the moment, doesn’t mean you have to wear it. Develop you own style. Stylish people dress interestingly and intelligently, they don’t buy the lasted fashion craze just for the heck of it. They choose chic body-flattering clothes that suit their body shape. The trick to dressing Younger is to add something fashionable to something classic. So, pay attention to your shoes, get a great jacket, and don’t underestimate the power of pattern. Good luck and enjoy the adventure of fashion!signature


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