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And We Back

Yes. I know. I have been M.I.A. for quite some time now. But alas, I am back and have much to share about my past four months!

Let me just start out by saying that this summer was one of the best in my life. I was ALL over the place…literally. If you know me at all, you know that one of my absolute favorite things to do in life is travel, and this summer I did just that. I started off with my cross-country trek from Nashville back to Houston. Along the way, I stopped in Dallas to spend some quality time with my girl, MC. From there, I made a stop in College Station to see my best friend, Kendall! I finally made it home after a four day trip and was able to just CHILL. To all of my fellow introverts out there, I feel you – lol. Upon my arrival back home, I jumped right into an accounting class…not my favorite experience of the summer, but I survived.

Kendall and I in College Station before I headed home!

Flash forward a couple of weeks, and I found myself in Austin babysitting my adorable cousins for a few days, and then, I immediately jumped on a plane to New York City – one of my dream cities! My mom, Gan, and I spent time shoving our faces with amazing food, hitting all of our favorite shops, and seeing some pretty spectacular Broadway shows (except for Escape to Margaritaville – this show was a complete bust, but it made for one of our favorite memories because for the rest of the trip we laughed so hard recapping how truly dreadful it was). On a more positive note, I did get to see…HAMILTON AND DEAR EVAN HANSEN. Truly a dream come true.

My sweet boys!
Street life in New York City.
Mom, Gan, and I at the Glossier Showroom in Soho.

When I got back from NYC, I started teaching swim lessons to some little kiddos. In the midst of those two weeks of swim, I had the pleasure of experiencing the excruciating pain of passing what the medical community calls a kidney stone. Although, I would not really describe it as a stone, I would characterize it as a freaking boulder, even though it was smaller than a piece of rice! Let me just say, I have NEVER been in so much pain in my entire life. Moral of the story folks…DRINK WATER.

A beautiful picture of me high on morphine…got to love kidney stones.

After I got over my kidney stone, I took a trip to Portland and Seattle with my family. It had been a hot minute since we had all taken a trip together, so it was super sweet to spend some quality time with them exploring the PNW and laughing about the most random things, mostly laughing at mom and her antics.

Now, here’s the kicker y’all, I ended this summer by taking a month long study abroad trip with my university. This trip was probably one of the most transformative and extraordinary adventures that I have ever experienced. We traveled all over London, Scotland, and Ireland, and we were able to see some pretty spectacular sites. Not to mention, I had the privilege to travel alongside some of my best friends! We did SO much while we were across the pond, so instead of me trying to wrap it all up into a short paragraph, I will just let you guys scroll through the beautiful pictures and watch the fun little video I made 🙂

All in all, this was a summer of play, a summer of hustling and bustling, a summer of deep contemplation, and ultimately a summer of unexpected growth. In hindsight, I was challenged and stretched even when I wasn’t fully aware of this personal evolution. I feel like I never slowed down this summer, and I am definetly going into this semester with unprocessed feelings and thoughts that are finally catching up with me. But regardless of my complicated reflections and extreme exhaustion, this was my dream summer. A summer filled with breathtaking travel, unimaginable experiences, and inspiring people, my people. And, I wouldn’t trade one second of it for the world. Okay…well maybe I would trade all of the seconds spent agonizing in pain with my kidney stone, but the rest was pure bliss. I hope your summer was full of dream catching as well! 🙂summer signature 2

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